Earthquake 3D App Reviews

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Everything I could have wanted! Thank you for all the options available in this app.

The best on the market worldwide/La migliore al mondo

This is the app version of the software used by earthquake wizard Dutchsinse. Its limitations are in the fact that cannot combine different sources of data (USGD, EMSC, etc.) at the same time. No notifications, but for those you have USGS or other apps. This is for those who want to understand and monitor earthquakes, not just getting a list of them. È la versione app El software usato da Dutchinse. Ottimo per capire e monitorare la formazione delle scosse sismiche e non soltanto ricevere aggiornamenti. Peccato non si possano combinare insieme diverse fonti di dati sullo stesso schermo.

Absolutely phenominal

This is a really amazing app for earthquake monitoring, incredibly detailed views and so many different ways to watch the Earth in real time with interactive high quality vector views, wireframe, 3D models chowing depth, magnitude and much more. Woth every penny and more. The iPad and iPhone versions are incredible;.


This is by far the worst app for tracking recent earthquakes and is a total waste of your time and money. Do not buy!

Amazing cool scientific

This geospatial mashup is about as cool as it gets, even Google does not have it. Seismic info streams across in a easy to read app. Get it now

I wish it would do landscape

Portrait only seems such a shame, it would look fabulous in landscape. I wish zooming in revealed greater detail rather than pixelated images, but Im hopeful an update at some point would take care of these two. Nice looking app though.

Not worth buying

Very basic. The 3D is nice, but you cant zoom in to a more regional level. I also have a hard time selecting the location where there has been an earthquake - when it works, it just links you to USGS to get the earthquake details. It feels like this is a work in progress. Not sure why it sells for $6.99 - ill see if the Apple store will give me a refund. I dont recommend it.

Getting there...

Very good at displaying basic info, needs more drill down functions for individual events. I would have given it a four if it would switch to landscape mode, very annoying...


For some reason, this app hasnt been updated for 2012. It only shows earthquakes for 2011. Basically, I just wasted $6.99. Get this app up to date because right now I do NOT recommend this to anyone... I would give it 0 stars, but it wont let me

Waste of Money Until Database is Updated

This app "looks" great but in fact, is pretty useless, as it is, because the data ends in 2011. Please update and this could easily be a five-star app!


Even after looking at the screenshots from the developers I still was blown away by both the graphic display as well as by the configurability of this app. The only thing it doesnt have a dry, boring list of earthquakes...that you can get anywhere. You can display any dates earthquakes going back over 4000 years! The only thing missing when displaying historical quakes it would be of help to display the date thats currently selected and just have it fade out like the menus do with touch inactivity and an auto-updating quakes and an associated configurable setting for selections like every 20, 60 and 120 minutes.

Doesnt Work

Upgraded, doesnt work at a. No images, no data. What kind of a QA process do they have to let an application release out tat doesnt even work?

No Go

Same here. Update gives nothing but a BLACK SCREEN. Lame.


If you delete the old version on your ipad and do a clean install, it works great. Thanks for the fix. Best earthquake app:)

Best App Ever

Love this...End times, helps me keep that in mind..."there will be earthquakes in one place and another...."

Very nice!

Took me a while to figure out how to get globe spinning on its own again. Was trying to spin with finger on globe like google earth but in this app you touch and swipe above and to the side of the globe. Its written in the help section but I didnt notice it was for setting it in motion again. Anyway.... I like the app. One peeve... In settings, if you turn on the sound and close the app - the next time you open it the sound is off. All of your other settings havent changed but the sound is reset to off. Incredibly annoying.


This by far the most interesting earthquake app out there. The devs are on to something with this one. With a bit more refinement this will be a 5 star app, soon I hope.

Great app.

Graphics are vivid and present an incredibly clear image of seismic activity that is updated about once ever 2 minutes. The tools provided allows anyone without an education in seismology a very novel introduction into understanding what occurs during any seismic activity and further why it occurs. The knowledge base that the app doesnt cover is linked out to the best sites with in depth information that updates and as well as educates. For y own interests, I use this app about as much as I check email. What interests me is not just the large quakes but watchingthe continuum of seismic activity unfold around the globe. When there is anything significant there is also a news optional link that will take you to the page that covers the quake updates for that area. Again, to me, it is the best app of its kind and a lure to novelly educate even people that havent previously had an interest in earthquake activity.

Doesn’t work!!

This app doesn’t even work… Don’t buy!!!

Finest Earthquake App Available

Very well executed, very flexible! UI ok, could use some help. But works great! Buy this app. Highly recommended. See what, when and where in a new dimension.

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